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Gabrielle Kassel Wolinsky

I'm a health and fitness writer.

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash.

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6 Tips to Make Counting Your Macros Way Easier

The buzz of counting macros is that you can have your cake (donuts, bagels, cookie dough, and big ole’ bowl of pasta) and make #gains in the weight room, too. The main tenet of macro counting is that meeting your daily intake of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) is the most important part of hitting your fitness goals.

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Is Your Sleep Schedule Preventing You From Getting Stronger? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Most people don’t realize it, but getting stronger and sleeping go hand in hand. In fact, sleep is one of THE most important components of the recovery cycle. “With each workout, you are essentially causing trauma to your body,” explains Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Dr. Grayson Wickham PT, DTD, CSCS. That means that every time you exercise you are creating microscopic tears in your muscles, which grow back stronger when they repair. These tears must repair in order to strengthen and grow the muscle tissue back bigger.

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15 Things Only CrossFitters Understand

When asked why we love CrossFit® training, most of us will tell you it’s all about the community and personal growth we’ve experienced since joining a box. In herds, people sign up to give the sport a try, and end up shouting their undying love for the fitness trend that’s been holding strong for almost a decade now. For those who haven’t yet gotten into the craze, the culture can seem a bit cult-like and confusing; we have our own language, rituals, and insides jokes. And although CrossFit really is for everyone, there are certainly things that only CrossFitters understand.

Whether you’ve been doing of the sport for 3 months or 7 years, here are 15 laugh-out-loud realities you know all too well.

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11 Struggles People Who Work Out in the Evening Understand

1. We Use The Gym As Excuse To Skip Happy Hour

“Sorry, I can’t come, I my CrossFit class starts at 8!” or “I can’t, I have an important date with my barbell”. To be honest, we really just don’t want to go out. Plus, we do have to get to the gym. Enjoy your happy hour while we get swole.

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5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started CrossFit

Five-months ago, I dove into my career as a CrossFitter head first… and yes, I do mean “career”. Two-weeks after purchasing my one-month “trial” membership, I starting working at the box I know call my office, gym, and even home. Forty to 45 hours a week I am surrounded by CrossFit® classes, CrossFit athletes, and CrossFit coaches. Three to 5 hours a week I am in the midst of a WOD, and 60% of the time I find myself talking about the workouts and throwing around the lingo I was oblivious to six months ago.

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Is It Shallow To Want to Date Someone Who Works Out?

Opinion: Is fitness a preference, lifestyle, or hobby? And what impact does it have on our relationships?

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12 Things All Morning Exercisers Do (But Won’t Admit To)

It takes a special type of person to wake up at the crack of dawn for a sweat session, so it’s no surprise we have our own special (and little known) routines and habits. If you’ve been known to rise and grind, or should I say spin, you’re part of an elite group of early-risers and probably relate to some of these habits only morning exercisers understand.

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I’m a Night Owl. Here’s What I Learned from Working Out at 6am

after 4 years of working out in the evening during college and 6 months working out in the evening post-grad, I turned my sweat-schedule on its head and prepared to get my pump on a full 12-14 hours earlier in my day than my body had been accustomed. Here’s how it went:

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5 Struggles Only Women Who Lift Understand

All women should lift, and heavy. Really, lifting things up and putting them back down is one of the best things for both our bodies and minds. It’s the key to building some serious muscle, burning fat, feeling good and increasing energy levels.

But as we dedicate ourselves to our boxes, the barbell, and the #gains, the people around us might struggle… especially when we become more confident, redefine our values, and learn to trust in our own power and strength. Suddenly, we find ourselves faced with a lot of questions, comments, and general confusion from people who can’t understand how good lifting weights makes us feel. So while lifting may make us look and feel like total badasses, being a woman in the weight-room does involve some serious (and ridiculous) struggles.

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I Kept A Fitness Journal For A Month. Here Are 6 Things I Learned

From February 6th-March 6th I began keeping track of every part of my workout: how many reps, how many sets, how hard it was on a scale of 1-10, and a quick 1-3 sentence summary of my lift. Since, I had been gifted a fitness journal by the strongest woman I know for the holidays, and because her biceps give mine a run for their money, I went into my resolution with high hopes… and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s what I learned and how my workouts improved.