Gabrielle Kassel Wolinsky

Gabrielle Kassel Wolinsky

I'm a health and fitness writer.

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash.

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Sex Educator, Jacq Jones, Answers The Sex Questions You Won't Ask

I recently had the opportunity to ask sex educator, Jacq Jones (@sugarjacq), the sex, sexual health, and sex toys questions you’ve always wanted the answers to.

50 shades article

How I Supplemented My Sex Education with Erotica

Erotica is fantastical. Reality is messy; between STI scares, condoms that break, razor burn, heartbreak, and busy schedules, the fantasies written into erotica are not real, rather, they are a form of escapism.

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5 Female Marathon Runners Explain What It’s Really Like

While I ran the marathon over two years ago, running continues to push me forward, both metaphorically and literally, into the next phase of my life with a whole-heart, accomplished-body, and focused mind

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6 Books That Helped Me Smile More, Eat Better, and Love Harder

The accomplished and stunning Olympic gold medalist interweaves compelling tales of growing from a small-town Minnesota girl into a world champion skier, with advice supported by cutting edge research and scientific studies, on finding a fitness and eating routine that will every woman get stronger and healthier.

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How Taking Probiotics Helped Control My Anxiety & Changed My Life

Probiotics come with a laundry list of benefits: they boost the G.I tract, helping with both diarrhea and constipation, boost weight loss efforts, and even lower blood pressure. There is even a study that claims that probiotics can make our poop and lady-bits smell good.

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10 Reasons To Make Masturbating Part of Your Health & Wellness ...

We are still so much more comfortable talking about partnered sex than the solo kind.

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7 Tips For Talking Safe Sex With Your Tinder Date – Feather ...

Tinder has become a cultural staple that’s helped de-stigmatize casual sex with its normalization and easy use. But that doesn’t mean talking about safe sex or demanding safe sex practices has gotten any easier.

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Achieve Your 2017 Fitness Goals with This Killer Playlist – Feather ...

If you ask me, no workout is complete without a killer playlist. A study from 2009 found that working out to music can actually improve your workout, which means that your tunes could actually be the difference between a good workout and a great workout.