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I'm a health and fitness writer.

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash.

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Everything You Need To Know About The ICE NYC HIIT Rowing Class

It’s funny, walk into any standard gym and you’ll see a line of treadmills and elliptical, all occupied, while the rowing machines remain almost completely empty. Which is ridiculous (!) because rowing is an incredibly workout! (Seriously, it burns more than 8 calories per minute). Problem is, the machine looks hard to use and getting on any cardiovascular machine for an extended period of time can be daunting. Which is why at ICE NYC we offer a rowing class (called Arctic Row) that combines intervals on the rowing machine and dynamic sculpting exercises with rowing instruction for 60 minutes that perfectly balance cardio and strength training.

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Is It Possible To Eat Plant-Based And Be A CrossFitter?

In the CrossFit World “I’m a CrossFitter” is synonymous with “I live a paleo lifestyle”, which in summary is a diet with high-quality protein, lots of nutrient-dense vegetables, healthy fats, some fruit, a little starch and no sugar... But while I am a CrossFit, I have not officially committed to going Paleo. Instead, I like to test out how my body feels on different eating regimes. After a few of the health and wellness stars I follow on IG boasted about how GOOD they feel on a plant-based diet, I decided to get some information from wellness queen and co-founder of GOOD Fest and B-YND, Jennifer Clark, about what exactly it means to eat plant-based and if it’s possible to eat plant based and be a CrossFitter. Here’s what she had to say:

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I Only Ever Want To Work Out In These Leggings From Now On

It’s been three months since my splurge, and now I refuse to work out in anything but Reebok leggings, which not only look bad-ass but stay put, fit my legs, and wick away sweat. Yep, it's true, Reebok leggings have turned me from a soccer-shorts and baggy-sweatpants rockin’ sweat-er into a person who takes leg day selfies and appreciates a good booty pump. Check out my 3 favorite pairs below.

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8 Reasons To Take An ICE NYC HAIL Class

While serious athletes have been reaping the benefits of interval training workouts for years, HIIT- alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods- has recently become all the rage in the fitness industry. Since we opened in February of 2016, ICE NYC has offered our version of a HIIT class, called HAIL. Our HAIL class truly embodies our movement philosophy that our bodies are designed to move fluidly by helping our athletes run faster, move quicker, lift heavier, and live more balanced.

While increasing the efficiency of your workout is definitely a major benefit of our HAIL, especially for those athletes trying to do it all, the benefits to your body and mind go way beyond saving time.

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Work Hard. Give Back: An Interview About Kettlebells 4 Autism

ICE NYC and Kettlebells 4 Autism have teamed up for a partner fundraiser and workout on April 29th at ICE NYC 59th Street. So we sat down with ICE NYC member and Cat Cervone for an insider scoop. For tips and information about upcoming events, how to get involved in KettleBells For Autism, and how KB4A started, read on.

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8 Ways Exercising Improves Our Brain Chemistry

Kettlebells 4 Autism was formed with the intention of using kettlebell training and sport as a platform to raise awareness about autism, and to raise funds for not-for-profit organizations supporting autism research and treatment. The organization, launched in February of 2013 has raised over $150,000 since its conception, so it’s clear that their method of combining autism awareness and sweating is helping them reach their goals.

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Your Glossary For ALL Things CrossFit

To help you become fluent in CrossFit, we tapped the ICE NYC coaches for the key lingo both first-timers and more advanced athletes need to know. Here, we teach you the basic vocab you can expect to hear during your first CrossFit class or in any situation where the CrossFit-obsessed can be found (Tinder, work parties, paleo restaurants).

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9 Fitness Coaches Share The ONE Motivation Quote That Gets Them Ready To SWEAT

It can be a struggle to bring your A game to a workout, no matter how important your fitness goals are to you Whether your goal is to place in the top 3 for a WOD before the end of the year, join the deadlift 300 club or the bench press 200 club, or improve your clean and jerk form, staying consistent and showing up are key.

When you’re struggling to remember why it’s worth all that effort and sweat, the quotes your favorite ICE NYC coaches use to stay motivated will give you the push you need:

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This Is Everything You Need To Know Before Trying The ICE NYCHigh-Intensity Interval Training Class

HAIL is the ICE NYC signature high-intensity-interval-training class. It is a fast-paced class that stresses efficiency and inspires athletes to work their hardest for a full sixty minutes. Ready to channel your inner bad-ass? 6 ICE NYC HAIL coaches share the ONE piece of advice they have for anyone who has never taken our HIIT class before.

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I Joined CrossFit To Make Friends… Here’s What I Learned

I joined CrossFit for the opportunity to make friends with a similar devotion to health and fitness, but I haven’t just made friends, I’ve been welcomed into a family, and I’ve learned just how important camaraderie is to the fitness journey. Here, I share the 3 things I have learned about the relationship between friendship and fitness since joining CrossFit and becoming part of the ICE NYC fam.

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These Are The Go-To Breakfasts Of Your Favorite CrossFit Coaches

As athletes, we know that sculpting muscle and building endurance has a lot to do with how we fuel our bodies and power them on in the mornings, but we don’t want our breakfasts to just be nutritious… we want them to be delicious too! And the ICE NYC Coaches agree, I asked them which healthy and tasty breakfasts are their go-to faves. These are the morning-meals that get them out of bed and power them ON in the morning.

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8 Tips For Eating Healthy While Living In NYC

What you suspect is true: healthy eating does not come cheap, especially when it comes to health-food trends like cold-pressed kale juice, salt-free sugar-free almond butter, organic cage-free hormone-free salmon, and acai bowls. However, it is possible to eat healthy while on a budget. The secret is to plan ahead, know your taste-preferences, and to let yourself indulge occasionally.

This list of tips are basically the New Yorker’s guide to eating healthy AF:

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7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sports Bra For Your Workout

Hunting for the perfect sports bra is like hunting for your swolemate. You know it’s out there but you can’t find it. You know you’ll probably go through some serious slackers, deadbeats, and up-tight losers before The One finds you. Lucky for you, ICE NYC is here with 7 tips to help you find a sports bra that fits the way you crave, moves with you, and get’s down exactly as your pump-buddy should.

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I Was A CrossFit Skeptic Until I Went To A Class... Here's What It Was Like

After living in New York for almost six months and only making a handful of friends, I knew that I needed to make more friends and find a pre-established community to become a part of. I also knew that I wanted to pursue a community where I could find a lifting-buddy, swolemate, and person to geek out over flex-pictures with. Now was as good of a time as ever to give CrossFit a whirl.

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6 Reasons You Should Work And Workout In Community-Based Spaces

This article is brought to you by ICE NYC and The Yard. ICE NYC has partnered with The Yard to offer members 20% off their first two months of office space. All you have to do is mention ICE when you visit The Yard: City Hall Park at 116 Nassau Street.