Gabrielle Kassel Wolinsky

Gabrielle Kassel Wolinsky

I'm a health and fitness writer.

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash.

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I Started Eating Breakfast... and Got Abs

My breakfast habits have always been less than stellar: a venti iced Starbucks coffee (with caramel and soy milk) and an apple, and I’d be on the subway on my way to work.

When I joined the workforce last June, my habitual breakfast skipping held steady. Wake up early to make an omelette or sleep in an extra thirty minutes? Spend time scrolling pinterest for the perfect overnight oatmeal recipe to prepare for the next morning? Put my stomach through the cruel and unusual punishment of two-ingredient pancakes? No thanks. I’ll stick to my coffee and granny smith.

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6 Tips For Turning Any Vacay Into A Wellness Retreat

"Here are 6 tips for turning any vacay (or weekend away for GOOD Fest) into a ~magical~ wellness retreat. A.k.a following these tips can calm your nerves, improve your diet, boost your energy, amp up your brainpower, and help you get your sweat-on, all sans the pricey tag of a wellness retreat."

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6 Health Benefits of Being Around Flowers, Plus The Origin Story of Love N’ Fresh Flowers

Be it a large wedding or simple bouquet sold at the local co-op store, Love ‘n Fresh manages the whole creative process from seed to centerpiece. The results tell a story that is distinctive, fresh, personal, and tangible. Beyond making beautiful wedding table decorations, flowers and gardens are beneficial to our minds, moods, and communities. Below, we share 6 ways the presence of flowers improve our days and boost our livelihood.

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Stop Poppin’ Those Vita-Gummies… Here Are The Signs You Could Be Overdosing On These 6 Common Supplements

Not only can you find a multi-gummy with many vitamins and minerals, but there is a gummy version of many single supplements such as D, B12, and iron. These single supplements can even be disguised as mints. And gum. Rejoice! Supplements you can chew up and spit out! Candy that’s good for you! Vitamins that make your breath smell minty-fresh! But... is it possible to OD on vita-gummies?

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I Don't Drink... Why Does That Make You SO Uncomfortable?!

Major buzzkill alert: I spend my happy hour not-so-happily explaining that “no, I am not Mormon or Muslim or Southern Baptist, nor am I in AA or straight edge”.

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17 Foods To Eat Right After The Gym To Maximize Your Weight-Room Efforts

If losing and maintaining a healthy weight is 80% food and 20% exercise, then hitting the gym isn’t even half the battle. However, for those of us who would rather Netflix and Chill than Workout and Fuel, we are not suddenly off-the-hook from our sweat routines. Instead of simply caring less about if we work out, it is time to start caring more what we eat and drink to fuel up for and recover from our workouts.

Clean Sleeping... What is it?

We’ve all heard of and tried “clean eating” (aka eating as many fruits, vegetables, and whole foods as possible), but have you heard of “clean sleeping”?

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it. But, her publication, GOOP, has also said that the vagina facial is a beauty treatment all women need ASAP and moon dust is an essential ingredient for our morning smoothies… so I wasn’t about to sign onto the new trend without a bit of research.